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Stake your tokens with stakr.NET and receive your rewards securely and reliably

Fair Profit Margins

We have fixed profit margins of 5% which we will not increase over time.

Reliable & Secure

We’re monitoring our dedicated instances 24/7, are experienced in operating high volume applications and keeping them reliable and secure

European Hosted

We have chosen small and independent hosters to increase the server diversity

You should not have to worry about surveillance.

Privacy should simply be the default of the internet. But the way the internet operates today, the consequences of surveillance threaten all of us, from stolen funds and identities to profiling and human rights violations.

Use Nym to get network level privacy.

Nym protects even against the most powerful, passive adversaries that can observe every packet going in and out of your internet connection. With Nym, you can use the internet without fear of being watched.

Nym protects privacy at the network layer

by encrypting and relaying your internet traffic through a multi-layered network called a mixnet. In each layer of the mixnet, mix nodes mix your internet traffic with that of other users, making communications private and hiding your metadata (IP address, who you talk to, when and where, and more).

The Nym mixnet is incentivized and decentralized

Users pay a fee in NYM to send their data through the mixnet. By pledging an initial bond of NYM, anyone can run a mix node. Node runners are then rewarded in NYM tokens based on good quality of service, doing the work of mixing packets and providing privacy for the end users. This is called ‘proof of mixing,’ similar to how Bitcoin rewards miners for mining new blocks. The reward mechanism enables the mixnet to scale and decentralize.

Nym can work with any application

From Bitcoin to ZCash, no current “layer 1” blockchain provides “layer 0 privacy” for the peer-to-peer broadcasts used in every transaction. Nym can provide network-level privacy for any blockchain and other generic applications. From Bitcoin to instant messaging, developers can build their applications on top of Nym for network layer and metadata protection of their users.

We are driven by values

“To me, privacy is a fundamental right, a cornerstone of our freedom…we should do everything we can to protect it.”

We believe it’s important to give the internet back to the people rather than this centralized and commercialized internet it has become over time.

Monitoring & Statistics

Let’s stake together to make the web a more secure and decentralized place again!